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Feature Summary

The Basics:

Publish 25 (July 2004) based shard, with tweaks.

Felucca facet only.
3 accounts per player.
1 character per account.

The Shard/Server

Hosted in France.
Strict no cheating policy – No AFK resource gathering, speed-hacking, duping or other exploiting.
Donations will be gratefully received but will NEVER result in any in-game favours or benefits, beyond certain ‘vanity’ items.
Staff will be impartial & fair, and will not get involved in disputes between players.


Starting characters have 65 in 4 chosen skills if you pick the Magician, Warrior, Necromancer or Paladin template. Creating a Blacksmith gives you 50 points in 6 crafting/harvesting skills. Creating a custom character gives you 50 in three skills of your choice.

All characters start with 70 in each stat.

Characters start with extra gold and additional items.
Anti-Macro code removed for most skills.
Enhanced skill gain in dungeons.


Using the P25 system (as here) – with some tweaks.

Caps and Info:

Spell Damage Increase 15 (max)

Lower Mana Cost 40 (max)

Enhance Potions 40 (max)

Hit Point Increase 25 (max)

Hit Chance Increase 45 (max) (50 if you have 100 in Lumberjacking or Fletching)

Defence Chance Increase 45 (max)

Stat cap of 250.

Skill cap of 720.

Swing Speed Cap of 1 swing per 1.25 seconds.

Necromancy spells unaffected by faster casting.

FC2 cap for magery(and chivalry if character magery = >70).

FCR 6 cap.

FC4 cap for chivalry*unless magery = >70, then cap = FC2).

FC0 cap if using Protection spell.

GM Inscription gives 10% SDI bonus.

Alchemy gives 10% EP bonus per 33 points in the skill.

Dexterity requirement for fully functioning parry reduced from 80 to 50.

Cast time for Wither increased from 1.25 to 1.75.

Paralyse Field spell duration reduced by 2/3rds.

Poison Field spell duration reduced by 1/4.

Spell-Channeling and Mage Weapon removed from wands.

Purple/explosion potions min/max dmg lowered.

Armour Ignore capped at 40 damage.

Str/Dex/Int capped at 150.

LMC reduction for special moves tied to certain ‘dexxer’ skills.

Insurance costs for murderer characters set to 4 times the usual costs.

Special move ‘toggle’ deactivated upon spell casting.

Bola hit-chance reduced from 100% to 50%.

PvM, Items, Treasure:

Certain ‘Doom’ monsters now inhabit some Felucca dungeons and offer special loot drops.
Champion Spawn system modified to offer slightly-reduced chance of 120 scrolls.
Improved treasure map and dungeon chest systems.
Loot boosted on some traditional Felucca monsters.
Some changed spawn locations.
Certain monsters/spawns removed. Beetles, for example.
‘Doom Stealables’ now spawn in Felucca.
Certain artifacts modified.
Power scrolls now work cumulatively from 110-120. You need to use a 110 scroll for a skill before you use a 115, and a 115 before a 120. For example – On attempting to use a 115 scroll of magery if you have not yet used a 110 magery, you receive the following message: “You must first consume an exalted scroll for this skill”.
Improved veteran reward system.


BODS removed completely.
Runic kits now obtained through NPC vendor purchases.
All powders removed. Cloth rewards replaced with new hues(earth tones, no neon).
Arms Lore skill now affects repair success rate.
Item durability capped at 100.
Repair deeds removed.
Town forges, tinkers and bow-crafting shops are now rentable by Grandmaster craftsmen. who may place vendors and operate from within.


Slight landmass improvement modifications.
Improved spawning rares system.
Additional ‘secret’ locations and areas to discover.


Custom housing implemented.
House decay set to 28 days if not refreshed by owner or friend.

View more detailed information about features of the shard here.