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Character Creation and Development

There are a few major changes compared to the OSI and Legacy 25 era we are replicating.

Firstly and most importantly, you may only have one character per account.

Secondly, you may only have three accounts per IP/player.

This will be policed on a policy of simultaneous log-ins. In reality this means it will not be against the rules to log-in a character/account that belongs to a friend, but it will be illegal to log-in more than three accounts at once, or to use other methods to own or maintain more than two accounts per person. This is easily policed and will be rigorously enforced.

There are a few other changes to OSI. For instance, characters start with increased stats & skills, bypassing the outright ‘newbie’ stage. A full explanation and an outline of other changes can be found here.

Skill gain will not be difficult on this shard between 0>100, for most skills. We realise that in a nearly fifteen year old game, no one wants to be PvMing skeletons for weeks to get a basic character to a playable level. There are a few exceptions to this – for skills considered to have exceptional earnings potential.

All skills have had their ‘anti-macro’ code removed, with the exception of Lock Picking, Cartography and Animal Taming – which retain anti-macro. This means that all skills apart from these three can be gained whilst stationary.

There is no ‘GGS’, ‘Power Hour’, or need to ’8×8′ any skills.

When in a dungeon or the lost lands, there is a 50% chance for any skill gain to become a 0.2 gain instead of a 0.1. This is to encourage players to gain whilst playing instead of macroing, or at the very least to macro in a more dangerous location than town or player housing!

Certain skills have had minor modifications.

Herding: Monsters as well as animals can now be herded by players with this skill.

Arms Lore: Now plays an important part in the repair of items. The higher the Arms Lore skill, the lower the chance of loss of maximum durability on an item when being repaired.

Fletching & Tinkering: Unlike P25/L25, Runic kits exist for these two skills.