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“Imagine if AOS had been designed to right all the wrongs of UO:R and Trammel, whilst providing meaningful player driven conflict and interaction?”

 AOS:Redux is an Ultima Online free/player-run shard, using the RunUO emulator.

The shard launched on September 15th, 2012. The shard averages between 120-200 players on-line at peak hours. It is the most accurate representation of the AoS era, and more importantly, the most fun. Balanced PvP, regular staff-led events, a mature community.

Ultima Online is probably the most loved ‘MMO’ of all time. Search anywhere on the web and you will find nostalgia, memories and people simply pining for the ‘good old days’ of the game. The crazy thing is that the ‘good old days’ can be almost any period from 1997-2005, for a lot of people. Consider how massively the game changed over this period – almost unrecognisably – and you will begin to understand just how great the initial design and implementation was.

 For us, the ‘good old days’ peaked in 2004, in lots of ways. Many years later than for most. Most were driven away long before they could witness the era we are aiming to replicate and improve upon. UO:R in 2000 and Age of Shadows in 2003 caused a mass exodus of so many old players that it is a testament to the ongoing lure and appeal of the game that it managed to survive at all. The era we are seeking to imitate can be loosely termed ‘Publish 25′ – which released on July 13th, 2004, just over a year into Age of Shadows.

 Despite taking this period as our central guide, we have been unafraid to implement our own custom improvements and innovations, as well as including certain changes added later in the game, and ‘lost’ features from early UO. In fact, one of the central elements of the design has been to recapture the ‘feel’ of old, pre-Trammel UO, and combine it with the advances and improvements of post-AOS UO. After following the free shard community for years, we really feel we have found the perfect match of features that can succeed and take this great game forward.

 Our vision is to provide a home for years to come for people that wish to recapture some of that old magic, with a new twist. We’re a dedicated team, with years of experience in the game, as well as a history of working in OSI private focus groups (p25, p46) and a background in free shard design (Legacy 25). We have sound financial backing meaning we will not be relying on player donations, and will absolutely not be offering any kind of in game bonuses to players based on out of game financial donations. We intend for the server to be completely corruption free.  Staff will not have player characters, and any favouritism offered to friends or other players will result in their dismissal.

 You can find many of our thoughts as to why the P25 era was the pinnacle of UO on my blog here, and our forums, here – but to summarise, it was a period of balanced PvP, a busier than ever Felucca facet and huge player-driven, immersive conflict raging across all shards. We’ve managed to improve on this. The potential here is huge.

 View a list of features here.

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