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News & Updates

Armstrong & Pandemonium win 2v2 Tournament!

Redux’s first player run establishment opens!

A day in the life of AoS:Redux (02/01/2013):







Merry Christmas from the Redux team!


Operation XO wins 1v1 Duel Tournament!


Event Action at Cove Cemetery!

Elemental Invasion Defeated!



Black Nightshade found. Lord British recovering!

The first part of our lore story arc.

Shard is 3 weeks old!

We’ve had some issues, most notably the DDOS attacks we experienced through a good portion of last week, but the community has been great. Active boards, active IRC, and most importantly – active shard. Watching as a GM currently is an amazing experience. Yesterday evening I watched a guy mining on his boat, then switched to another guy fishing outside his house. The third jump I made took me into the middle of a 10-man PvP battle in and around Ice Dungeon.  It’s great!

Online numbers hit 250+

The shard has been a success beyond our wildest expectations so far. Tonight we hit 252 concurrent online clients – half way to our goal of 500 within the first 3 months –  and the shard isn’t much more than a week old!

Some thoughts and notes on Calix’s blog. We’ve got a long way to go, but everything is falling into place nicely so far.

Shard opens – online numbers exceed expectations.

We hit 172 online clients earlier this evening – the second day of the shard. Hopefully numbers will continue to go up and things ‘snowball’ from there. Thanks to everyone involved so far.

Release confirmed for Saturday 15th September 2012 @ 1PM BST

We’re really there. After 14 months of development, and a very succesful beta stage, we’re ready to launch. Join us!

Second Phase beta to begin Monday 3rd September

We’re now relatively happy with the ‘Test Centre’ beta stage. We’ve captured and rectified close to 100 bugs and errors. Now to move on to some more realistic testing. A clean shard, players beginning with starting skills and items, with no assistance.  This new test stage will continue until full release on the 15th.

Login details will remain the same, connect via razor with IP Port 2593

 We are now up and running on the new server!

AoS:R is now running on it’s new server, located in Roubaix in Northern France. The location has been picked to provide good pings to All Europeans, and a majority of North Americans. Test Centre conditions will continue for at least another week, before we move onto a normal-server-rules final beta. Release will be the 15th of September.

Decision made on server host!

AoS:Redux will be based in France. Despite being very good at running away & surrendering, the French do seem to offer the sub-100 pings to Europe and North America that we require, at a very good price. I’m sorry to those of you that were anticipating a North American based server, but unfortunately financial reality has forced our hand. Server costs are more than double in the US, and the system spec would have suffered massively. Luckily the server offers playable pings to all of you, except perhaps West Coast PvPers.

We will have an IP for you to ping within days, but testing with shows average pings of:

5ms to Paris

10ms to Amsterdam

17ms to London

19ms to Berlin

52ms to Moscow

75ms to New York

87ms to Chicago

107ms to Dallas

179ms to Vancouver

The server spec is:

Quad-core Intel i5 2400 Processor, 16gb DDR3 RAM, 2x2TB HDD, 100Mbps Bandwidth with unlimited traffic.

Still on course for release on 15th September.


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