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Q: Is the shard up yet? If not, when will it be?
A: Yes, the shard launched on the 15th September, 2012. Our peak player numbers grew to over 250 concurrent online clients within the first week.

Q: Why should I play here?
A: Did you enjoy many aspects of UO after AOS? Publish 25 in particular? Perhaps the PvP, perhaps the new item system. Perhaps the huge guild wars over champion spawns and harrowers. This is the era many of us enjoyed most in over ten years of playing the game. Thousands of players were involved in the huge battles that raged across every shard in Felucca. There is no other shard out there that accurately recaptures the era. Not just that – we plan to incorporate many aspects of what made early UO great – a hybrid of the best aspects from many UO eras, from 97-04 – unashamedly borrowing ideas from even later era’s – as well as including some entirely new systems.

Q: Free shards are always corrupt and then just close with all my hard work lost, why should I try another?
A: There are some free shards out there that have been running for years, corruption free. We intend to be another. UOSA is our template and model, in this regard. Dedicated staff interested in only the good of the shard and it’s player base. We have long term funding for the shard from numerous sources and intended to be here for many years.

Q: Does the shard have Trammel? Or Samurai? Or Elves?
A: No. The only landmasses are Felucca Britannia and Lost Lands. It is unlikely any other land or facets will ever be added, and if they were they would be Felucca rules. The SE and ML expansions are an abomination that should never have been allowed onto OSI shards and will never be activated on AOS:R.

Q: Are there punishments for reds? Stat loss?
A: There is no stat loss. Murderers suffer from greatly increased insurance costs upon death. Only very successful killers will find it to be a profitable profession. Reds are also unable to access any town whilst alive – except Buccaneers Den.

Q: Why such a limit on characters and accounts?
A: Firstly, accountability. You will be known for your actions and unable to hide behind alternative characters. Secondly, it promotes interaction. Whilst everyone may have enjoyed building 5-6 characters per account, and having their own version of almost every type of character available – it turned UO into an almost single player game. When you have your own Alchemist, your own Animal Tamer, your own Blacksmith, your own Scribe, your own Mage – why do you need to interact and work with others? The interaction that made UO great. Thirdly, it prevents excessive multi-clienting.

Q: Publish 25 PvP was very balanced, why are you making so many changes to the mechanics?
A: P25 PvP was great – but there were problems with it – many of which were not exploited by players until much later. With hindsight we are able to correct these issues and improve other areas. PvP balance will be foremost on the minds of the staff, especially during testing and the first few months of the shard. You can expect to see monthly if not weekly lists of tweaks and changes.

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